Pinewood Studio

When Pinewood studios first opened business was a little rocky, British and Dominion and British National had committed to use the studio but there were five sound stages available and towards the end of the thirties business was not robust. J Arthur Rank bought Lady Yules share in 1937 and became the Chairman.  A year later Pinewood studios was paired with Denham Studios, also under the control of Rank the collaborating studios were renamed Denham & Pinewood Studios Ltd.  Most film makers working for Rank preferred using Denham and this contributed to Pinewood studios being closed for most of World War II and found itself being used for storage.

 By the 1950's Pinewood was making the types of movies made popular by the Rank Organization, such as Doctor in the House (1954) and Norman Wisdoms Trouble in Store(1953) Pinewood studio is also famous for making James Bond series. 

Pinewood studios was often used by outside movie makers but it has always been considered by British audiences as the home of Rank movies.  Pinewood studios also has a stellar reputation for its technical expertise, which has been used on movies such as Batman and Superman along with the Bond movies.

Pinewood has continued to have successes but by the 1990's they had lost alot of their interest in films and it came as no surprise when Pinewood studios was sold to a consortium headed by former Channel 4 boss Michael Grade in 2000.  Two new stages were added to the eighteen already being used which included a 45,000 square foot 007 stage.  Pinewood studios also acquired Shepperton Studios in early 2001 and this has enabled the two to produce a variety of films, TV dramas and also commercials.

Pinewood studios has faced many changes and crises over the years but still continues to be a studio of choice for todays movie makers even though its facing stiffer competition than ever before from other studios around the world.  It may not always be the cheapest choice but movie producers know that that Pinewood studio offers a consitent level technical knowledge which is unmatched.


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